Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Scott Hanselman rated higher than Scott Gu

So I've been watching all the Keynotes from Mix 09. Mostly because I’m to busy and to poor to go to these types of things. Scott Hanselman gave this talk about Nerd Dinner, during the talk, well actually at the start of the talk he mentioned that if you searched on Scott, Scott Guthrie would come up as 5th and he would be at 11th place. Just having to know how true to the facts that is, and because posed with an unknown I just need to know the answer. I of course Googled it.

Hanselman actually came in 6th and Scott Guthrie came in 8th. How wacky is that. If I were to totally geek out I would say that Scott and Scott need to have a light saber battle to the death for Google rating supremacy. But I won’t do that.

UPDATE: Thinking about this more, I have to say how sick is it that doing a Google search on the name “Scott”, and considering the number of people named Scott in the world and how many times the word Scott must appear on the internet, that Scott Guthrie and Scott Hanselman are in the top 10 search results in Google. I am curious as to what methodology they use as far as SEO is concerned.


jamesqua said...

It's all about links. Think about how many people link back to their content

Fábio said...

To me here Guthrie is 5th and Hanselman comes around 11th.

I'm using Google's non-regional search ( google.com/ncr ), maybe that influences the results.