Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Infragistics Quince: UX Patterns Explorer

If your into patterns like I am you will most likely love this.


Half the problems with patterns is trying to figure out what ones you need, what ones you want, and how they all fit together. From an application architecture stand point this usually involves lots of reading and developing a large knowledge base that honestly can set your brain to overload. That is why I think the UX patterns explorer is a great tool. Being able to have a slick UI that makes for a great UX, I mean come on if your going to make a UX patterns explorer it better look cool and give a great UX, right! It gives an easy way to identify what your looking to do and then presents you with the pattern and practical examples of implementation.  I mean that’s great. So I tip my virtual hat at the Infagistics guys.




If your inclined I would recommend giving it a look.

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