Friday, January 9, 2009

Zoom Your Desktop with ZoomIt

Recently I had to give a presentation in a room that just had an LCD screen mounted to the wall. The problem was that the screen was small for the size of the room and many people couldn't see the screen clearly and that made it fairly problematic.

After the presentation it came up that this was a problem and would continue to be a problem. And someone mentioned that many of the Microsoft presenters use a tool that zooms the entire desktop onto the mouse position. So I set out to find this tool and of course I should have know that it came out of the many great tools from Sysinternals, now part of Microsoft, written by Mark Russinovich.

The tool is called ZoomIt and now that I have it I will add it to my arsenal of great and useful tools.

It does more than just zoom, it also allows you to draw on your desktop which is great for highlighting things that you want to draw attention to. And it has a timer mode that displays a count down that you can set, for those all important breaks.

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