Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Thoughts on Chrome

With the release of the new Chrome browser we see a lot of chatter on the web. Every blogger, including myself, is dribbling out one comment or another about the new wonder browser, it's flaws, strengths, and it's future.

Many writers are saying that with it's new found vulnerabilities, it will be hard pressed to take enterprise share away from Microsoft and it's browser, Internet Explorer. And even though many think that this may usher in a new browsing age, or more likely shake Microsoft up enough to get them adding long over due features and improvements to Internet Explorer. I as a developer see another browser that I must test my sites against for compatibility, even though it is based on WebKit.

I think the real problem is that many people are overlooking the entirety of what is really starting to happen. And that is web browsers are about to take a step forward on the evolutionary path towards a true framework. Things have gone on to long with expanding a design that was done quickly based on a standard for displaying documents. It was never intended to do what it currently can and most of the newer functionality was put in place quickly at a rapid pace based on the consumer demand and the developer need to meet those demands.

Chrome is a new design and a step towards the next generation of browsers. But it is still a browser, with lots of improvements. Tabs running in their own process space, add faster JavaScript, thanks to V8, hidden tile bar when maximized to take full advantage of desktop real estate. It's a beautiful piece of work.

So what is the future of Chrome and the Web Browser. I don't know, only time will tell. But I think we are about to see the next incarnation of the OS debates all over again.

Welcome to "The Browser Wars"

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